"Warning: A test is currently running" pops up even when no test is running

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When I'm executing a tst, sometimes my SOAtest runs out of heap space. This causes the test execution to hang, so what I normally do is click on the red stop icon to stop the execution. Then I click on the garbage can icon to release some memory, and try to execute the same tst (see screenshot below).

But when I try to execute the tst again, I'm met with an error message saying "Warning: A test is currently running" even though there's no execution being ran.

I look into my logs see the following over and over again:
!MESSAGE Job found still running after platform shutdown. Jobs should be canceled by the plugin that scheduled them during shutdown:

Is this what is causing the "Warning: A test is currently running" message to pop up? If so, how do I cancel these jobs?


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 696 admin

    Once you run out of heap space, you need to restart SOAtest for the application to be stable again. I've seen this when working in Eclipse without SOAtest as well - once I run out of heap space, Eclipse doesn't work well until I restart it.

    If you commonly run out of heap space, I would suggest configuring SOAtest to run with a bigger heap. You can do this by passing an argument to SOAtest like this:
    "soatest.exe -J-Xmx4g". This will configure SOAtest to run with 4G of memory. You can replace "4g" with other values like "2g" or "3096m".

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    Hi @jakubiak

    Thank you for your reply. I'll increase the heap space so as to not let SOAtest run out of memory to use during test execution. Indeed restarting SOAtest is the only way for me to start executing tests again, so I'll just increase the heap space so that I don't run into that problem.

    A. Murphy

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