Include tools results into the responder correlation

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I have a responder with a DB tool attached to the incoming request, the query used on it is looking for a record in DB using some values extracted from the incoming request by using an XML Data Bank. At response side I need to select my response (I'm using Multiple Responses) based on the incoming request (I'm filtering this by using XPaths) and also I need to consider the result of the query, if the query found records I need to send some responses and if nothing was received from the query I would select different responses, how can I add this validation for my responses?

In other words, Is there a way that I can make correlations based on the incoming request together with the result of a DB tool to select my response? or together with the result of any other tool?


  • jesantosjesantos Posts: 4

    Just thought of using an XML Transformer tool, append the DB result to my incoming request and then at the responder correlation I could use XPaths to correlate the new transformed request (which would contain now also the DB result). Is that the best way to achieve this? I just came to this approach but I wonder if there's a better/easier way to do it

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    Using the transform tool is probably the best way to go if the query must be based on values in the incoming request. If there is a static query then you could use a DB data source with a data source correlation to more easily map response data to the incoming request.

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