DataSource values are not passed to Tests in CTP

I am trying to Execute my tests from CTP but parameter value from data source is not passed to the test scripts.
1. DataSource is a SQL server and i can see the columns and result in CTP when i saved hte data source.
2. I am using the data source value in my test. When i start writing datasource variable name in DBToool test, i can see it as a suggestion in the small popup window .
3. I am selecting the variable from CTP popup variable selection window only.
4. But while execution variable doesn't have any value.

If anyone faced this issues please let me know how can i rectify this issue or if there is some existing bug in CTP


  • Matt LoveMatt Love Posts: 57 admin

    Hi @jitendermaan,

    CTP is providing the preview of columns and variable autocomplete suggestions, but is it actually SOAtest that performs all test execution.

    Can you download the .tst file from CTP and try running it inside of your local SOAtest desktop to see what happens?

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