Keil unable to build unit test using library approach

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I am using Keil for our application development. The objective is to create unit tests for our application that will run in the ARMCM4_FP emulator.

For unit testing, I created a "UnitTest" build target that creates a library, verses an executable, of the application code and any non-hardware dependent library functions required by the application. "Project/Properties/Parasoft/C/C++test/Build Settings" have been modified to include the application library in the link line. When I try to compile the unit test "__user_initial_stackheap" is an undefined symbol. (see error message below) Based on the console output it appears that startup_ARMCM4.s is never compiled. (which contains this symbol) I tried adding startup_ARMCM4.s and system_ARMCM4.c in the library build but that did not work.

My guess is that since the uVision project is a library and not an executable, C++test does not have enough information to build an executable.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

C/C++test analysis errors in /etm_ble2/app/app_timer_pool.c

1. Test execution: error linking test executable for Test unit for /etm_ble2/app/app_timer_pool.c.

Error: L6915E: Library reports error: __use_no_semihosting was requested, but __user_initial_stackheap was referenced
Finished: 0 information, 0 warning and 1 error messages.


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