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How to pass String ArrayList object to Service in SOATest

Jayaranjani_g Posts: 16

Hi All,

I have a string Arraylist where i'm iterating cells from excel and saving it in list and passing the list to context like below(doing this using extenson tool object). When i access the list in Service the entire string response is going in the request. Actually, the arraylist contains list of String. Which has to go one by one to the service and the service should be invoked for every string available in the string object. Please let me know how to do this

utterArrayList.add( utteranceSheet.getRow(i).getCell(6).toString());
utt += utterArrayList;
etc.setValue("xyz_utterances", utt.toString().replace("[", "").replace("]", " "));



  • jakubiak
    jakubiak Posts: 798 admin

    It sounds like you need to iterate over a list of values that exists within a single cell. SOAtest is not going to do that for you - you may need to create a different data source where each value to iterate is in a different row so SOAtest will iterate for you.