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How to pass iterated excel columns (String values) into Service request

Jayaranjani_g Posts: 16


I have iterated excel columns (String values) in an object. it has around 8 string values. How to pass it to Service request. I have tried passing as parameterized value, but the problem is, it is taking the last added value from the object and it is passed as input. Kindly suggest solutions.

for (String scnr : Scenarios) {
for (int i=0; i< noforows; i++){
if ((utteranceSheet.getRow(i).getCell(0).toString()).equalsIgnoreCase(scnr))
Application.showMessage(scnr + "'s Utterance : "+ utteranceSheet.getRow(i).getCell(6) );
utt = utteranceSheet.getRow(i).getCell(6).toString();
etc.setValue("xyz_utterances", utt);

How to pass etc value into service. The service has to be executed for each string input