Jenkins with slave Linux Virtualbox running cpptestcli

becozlahbecozlah Posts: 10

I have a Jenkins job that will perform a svn checkout to a Linux VirtualBox every day. After checking out, the job will perform a make clean and make all operation, before trying to call the cpptestcli command.

The command I ran:
cpptestcli \
-data "../" \
-import "ProjectName" \
-config "ProjectName/" \
- report "ProjectName/report.html" \
- resource "ProjectName/"

The error I have encounter:
cpptestcli: Version -- Copyright (C) 2016 Parasoft Corporation
cpptestcli error: unable to find Parasoft Test installation
cpptestcli error: .pathto parasofttest file is corrupted or does not exist
Build step "Execute Shell" marked build as failure

I have a symbolic link (cpptestcli) linking to my parasoft directory at /home/jenkins/Documents/parasoft/9.6/cpptestcli.

Is there any reason cpptestcli is unable to find the Parasoft Test installation? Is there any way around this?


  • MichaelCMichaelC Posts: 28 admin

    Hello @becozlah,

    Can you verify that your .pathtoparasofttest file is pointing to the correct location?
    The .pathtoparasofttest file is a file that contains the hard-coded path to your Parasoft Test installation directory.

    You can find this file within the C++test home directory. You can use any text editor to view/edit the file. The file may be hidden if you're using a GUI to find the file.

  • becozlahbecozlah Posts: 10

    Discovered that the problem is not the symbolic link, but that the file .pathtoparasofttest cannot be found. Added the directory "home/jenkins/Documents/parasoft/9.6" to the PATH environment variable and it works properly.

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