Getting XSLT from Writable DS or Variable

reactancexlreactancexl Posts: 135

I am storing the actual XSLT code in a Writable DS. I need access to it but it seems like the XSLT tool wants a "Relative Path" or direct path to the file. Is there anyway to get just the XSLT Syntax from the Writable DS?. When I set the variable in the XSL file box. It outputs the below
The XSL file C:\Users\jsfitter\parasoft\workspace\ITEMBom\<?xml version="1.0"?>

The goal here is not to store it on disk. It comes from a DB. What is the workaround if any? thx



  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 597 admin

    Instead of storing the XSLT content into a writable data source, write it out to a file that can then be reference from the XSLT Tool.

  • reactancexlreactancexl Posts: 135

    That is what I am trying to avoid. So it sounds like it is not possible, but the alternative may be to use an extension tool script to grab it from DS and assign to variable. thx

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