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Hi guys,

I am busy constructing a new framework, consisting of a parent(driver) tst and multiple reference tst blocks. Both parent and reference (child) tst's have dedicated (excel) datasources. E.g. the parent DS holds the testcases and some 'switches' to conditionally use the child tst's, in which I have a DB query and Expected Result DS. With a couple of variables I am able to distinguish and match the testcase in the parent, with the expected results to be validated in the child.

All seems to work well for one testcase in the parent available, but when I add more testcases (and ditto queries/expected results), the DB queries in the child somehow gets executed TIMES the number of testcases listed in the parent tst DS.

I already have been fiddling around with the test execution options.Execution mode is set to run sequentially and Test relationship Radio button is now set to Test run as group and Multiple data source iteration has Permutation in both parent and child selected.

How can I get it work that the queries are only executed once per testcase, regardless the number of testcase listed in the parent DS.

Thanks in advance.




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    It is difficult to say exactly how you need to change things in your test suites without being able to study exactly how things are configured. However, here's some info I can share in case this helps you.

    Data sources are intended to run the tests in a scenario multiple times, each iteration using a different data source row. A test scenario groups test that you want to run together over the data source rows as a group. Your options depend on how you want the parent to loop and how do you want the child to loop.

    If you want the parent to act as an outer loop and the child to act as an inner loop then you can nest the child under the parent.

    If you want both suites to loop independently over separate data sources then you would have to put the tests into different scenarios instead of having one nested under the other.

    If you want them both to run flat, having child nested under parent but without any nested loops, then you can enable the option "run all subgroups as part of this group".

    If both are running together as a group or otherwise need the child to use rows from its own data source and the parent's data source then you have the "Multiple data source iteration" option which controls how rows from both data sources are combined together to drive the test iteration.

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    Thanks benken_parasoft for the extensive reply. Here I attached a screenshot from the Test Case Explorer tree, showing the driver (parent) and its child references. Test execution for both parent and child are set to "Tests run as group". Maybe I have to opt for the run all subgroups option. Thanks.

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