Updating Reference Test Suites

SOAtoadSOAtoad Posts: 14
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I have a client who is making changes to the master / original tst and the changes are not being reflected to the referenced automatically. Rather the changes only show after they restart the tool.
They have followed the advice in https://docs.parasoft.com/display/SOAVIRT9103CTP310/Reusing+and+Modularizing+Test+Suites+for+End-to-end+Testing
regarding this, however the suggestion is either to close and reopen the test or restart
they do not wish to restart their application.

Is there some sort of work around for this issue?


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 597 admin

    Close and reopen the .tst file that is referencing the .tst file that got changed.

  • SOAtoadSOAtoad Posts: 14

    This solution worked. I believe there was a misunderstanding for test and .tst

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