SOATest and OpenJDK

reactancexlreactancexl Posts: 140

I saw jakubiak note regarding this and roadmap, but has anyone got this to work? I am trying to reference to the latest openJDk (11) and it does not work. It seems like eclipse is not compatible. thx



  • reactancexlreactancexl Posts: 140

    I got it working with openJDK older version 8, so looks like soatest or eclipse is a fewer versions behind? thx

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 684 admin

    SOAtest requires Java 8 to run.

  • benken_parasoftbenken_parasoft Posts: 908 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019

    SOAtest is available as an "update site" which you can install into your Eclipse of choice. And yes, the version of Eclipse that is packaged with the "standalone" version of SOAtest does not support Java > 8, if nothing else because of which has no workaround other than to install a newer Eclipse.

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