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SOAtest (9.10.6) web tests Dynamics CRM (MS) very slow

LeoNL Posts: 7
edited December 2018 in SOAtest

Hi there,
We are trying to capture some (browser/gui) regression tests in SOAtest 9.10.6 based on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM web application. The problem is, playback is very VERY slow... anyone having similar experiences?
I've tried removing Wait Conditions, nothing improves.
I've updated Chrome to version 70, nothing improves.
I've tried running tests on another machine, nothing improves.

Even the smallest actions take some time to end one and start another. For example adding text to 2 input items. First, focus is set... then an unknown delay, then the typing starts. Typing itself is quite fast. After typing again a weird delay of somewhat 2-3 seconds, and only then continuing to the second type action. SOAtest in this case only contains of 2 browser action steps, both 'Type'.
We also test Java-based webapps. GUI tests with typing e.a. are working flawlessly fast there. Same environment, same SOAtest installation.

Any thoughts on improvement?

My setup:

  • OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan
  • VM Fusion 8.5 with a Windows 7 (32-bit) OS (assigned 4GB + 2 cores, tried more, no results)
  • SOAtest 9.10.6 (fresh) installed on the Windows 7 VM
  • MS CRM Dynamics app available on intranet