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What specific functionality does the "Instrument Selected Source File(s)" Check Box have?

choner22 Posts: 15

By default, when a file is imported into an Eclipse Project, this box is checked.

I have looked in your documentation to try to get a specific idea on what "Instrumentation" means and what impact it will have on things like code coverage, static analysis, stubability, etc.

For example, if I don't want a file included in code coverage metrics, I can uncheck this box. But I also want to maintain the stubs that I am setting inside the file.

Will checking this box allow me to do that, or does it eliminate all Parasoft Functionality from the code? What exactly does "Instrumentation" mean in this case and what impacts/limitations does it have on the user?


  • Mirek
    Mirek Posts: 141 admin

    "Instrument Selected Source File(s)" check box enables/disables all instrumentation features for selected file. When the check box is unchecked, C++test will not instrument specific file at all, it means no coverage, no stubs, no stack trace reporting. Note that the uninstrumented file may still be a part of the test binary. When "Instrument Selected Source File(s)" checkbox is selected, than C++test will apply all the instrumentation features that are enabled in used test configuration (Test Configuration -> Execution Tab -> General Tab -> Execution Details -> Instrumentation Mode -> Edit)