Parasoft CLI Issue

tapan1986tapan1986 Posts: 27

while running my project through CLI getting this error.
ERROR: : An instance of Eclipse seems to be already running in the selected workspace. Please shut it down and try again.
I have closed the GUI Instance before running via CLI. Even I have restarted my machine but same issue.


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 738 admin

    Eclipse tracks whether a workspace is in use by dropping a .lock file in the workspace. If your SOAtest/Eclipse process got terminated in an unexpected way, that file may still be there. Please navigate to the .metadata folder in your workspace and look for a file named ".lock". If it is there, remove it and then try to run your CLI process again.

  • tapan1986tapan1986 Posts: 27

    Thanks. I got CLI worked.

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