I need some suggestion to handle multiple data source.

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Hi Team,
While trying to virtualize one of my service (PriceAndAvailability), i faced some issues to handle multiple data source.
let me describe my case below.

  1. I need to virtualize PnA service, which takes single or multiple "IngramPartnumber" as request parameters.
  2. let say, if i create an API test case for one ingram part number then only one ingrampartnumber will go in request parameter. and i have to handle it in a excel sheet.
  3. And if i want to send 2 ingram part number in request parameter, then another excel sheet with 2 ingrampartnumber and API test case need to be created.
  4. so in this way for multiple ingrampartnumber request i need to create multiple API test cases and multiple data sources.

so is there any way to handle this situation?
i have attached all the details. please let me know if any other details needed.

Nihar Ranjan Arisal



  • keegan_chankeegan_chan Posts: 59

    Since you're working with hierarchical data in which an element can contains a various number of child elements, you may consider using a data respository as your data source, instead of Excel. Please see "Working with Large Hierarchical Data Sets" for details.

    If you want to use Excel data sources you already have, here's an alternative. As you already mentioned, each Excel data source can only handle the case for one fixed number of child elements. Therefore, you would need a responder for each Excel data source. You can use responder correlations on the request body, using xpath to correlate the number of the relevant elements.

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