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Hi, I am using Parasoft C++ 9.5 with Eclipse Luna C++. My project have multiple build configurations, as I have multiple modules in the project, each with its own main class and functions.
When I create and execute a unit test for project A, the unit test runs perfectly, flagging out failed test cases properly.
However, when I create and execute a unit test for project B, I encountered the following error

C++test analysis errors in /projectMain
1. Test execution: error reading test log for Test unit for selected resources.

Why do I encounter this error for project B, when project A's unit tests works perfectly. Both project A and project B are able to build without errors. Is there any log file or help resource I can refer to, so that I can pinpoint the problem?

Thanks in advance.



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    Hi, it would help to see what is printed in the "Console" view when you execute tests for project B. Preferebly with console verbosity set to high (Parasoft Menu-> Preferences->Console-> verbosity level)

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    It says that there's "error while loading shared libraries". However, if I run the project, it can execute without errors, so my library paths should be correct. Are there additional settings that I have to set for Parasoft to recognize the library paths in my build configurations?

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    Well I found out the answer.

    Apparently Parasoft C++ 9.5 with Eclipse Luna C++ does not use the environment variables in the build settings, nor in the run settings. This caused the C++ Test to be unable to find the shared libraries I am using.

    Thus to point it to the environment variable, I will need to go Project > Properties > C/C++ Build > Environment, and add the correct environment value.

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    I have seen your query some days ago. then I took help from Yahoo Support on this matter. But they ask me some more details and I couldn't answer all of the answers. If you want then you can contact them and tell them about your issue.

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