Does parasoft show test cases pass & failed detailed report?

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Parasoft test execution report shows the number of total steps executed in "Succesful Tests" or "Failed Tests" or "Total Tests" . I want to know the number of test cases executed.

In The below report I have ran just two scenarios which are data driven. But it shows Succesfule Tests as 88. I want to know total test cases executed -- pass & fail. Also, if test cases are data driven, then it should show each data iteration seperately.



  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 404 admin

    You may be interested in the "Show all iterations" option. Open the top-level test suite in your .tst file, go to the Execution Options tab, and expand Advanced Options near the bottom. Uncheck the option "Show all iterations". When "Show all iterations" is enabled, the reports show each data source iteration as an executed test. The "Show all iterations" is disabled, the reports show all data source iterations as a single executed test. I think this will be closer to what you are looking for.

    The HTML reports do not show pass/fail for each data source iteration, although if a test fails it will report which data source row it failed on. The XML reports do have the pass/fail information for each data source iteration though.

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