AMQ Connectivity issue

Hi all,
Im trying to connect the test case with AMQ configurations using SOATEST. I added the required JAR files and also i checked twice with the configuration url, context, username and password. But, i couldn't make a successful connection with the Cluster of AMQ. Please help me with this.


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    The stack trace appears to show the TCP/IP handshake timing out. This means that the host and/or port is not responsive or unavailable or blocked (firewall) from the host where you are running SOAtest. To see if the host is accessible, you could try pinging the host ( You could try using a tool like telnet or nmap to check if port 8059 is accessible.

    Please also look for errors or typos. Port 8059 looks like a port used for web/HTTP communication. Apache ActiveMQ uses port 61616 by default, for example. Please see JMS Provider Configuration.

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