Query on data driven approach for web functional test cases

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Hi All,

I am new to Parasoft web tool . I have created web functional test case with below data source.

And I have created below two test cases
1. To launch browser with navigate URL from data source

  1. To type text into search field using Xpath and Value from data source

While executing test cases, browser automatically closing for first navigate URL(i.e google page) before launching second navigate URL(i.e MSN page). so it is giving below error for type text step.

For second row type text step is passed because browser not closed .

Could you please suggest me inputs for above issue.

Thanks for your help .


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    Hi There,

    It sounds like your scenario may be set up so that the data source is iterated over once per test, rather than per group. To clarify, it could be running the navigate action for both google and msn before running the type action for both xpath values.

    Please make sure the parent suite execution options are set up to run the tests as a group.

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