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Simple web recording playback is taking very long

areyesy Posts: 7
edited March 2018 in SOAtest

I have a Web test recording that does the following:

  • Navigate to a website on local machine using Spring Boot embedded Tomcat
  • Fills out a form with two text fields
  • Click Submit
  • Click link

The whole scenario is taking 4-5 mins. That seems way too long. Do you know what I might be doing wrong?

I'm using:

  • soavirt 9.10 (Playback Engine: Selenium WebDriver)
  • IE 11.0.51
  • Win 7 Enterprise
  • Spring Boot 1.5.9 (embedded Tomcat 8)

I ran the same scenario again but this time it only took around 1.5 mins. That still seems long.


  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,228 ✭✭✭

    You should check the wait conditions that you have configured in your Browser Playback tools. After performing the action, the tool will wait until the configured wait conditions are satisfied before execution continues to the next test. Certain wait conditions will be added default but you can configure them or remove some or replace them with different ones, depending what's appropriate for your website under test.