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Header Files Not Getting Listed in report.html Files

chelden Posts: 4


I have a situation with v10.3 C++test where header files are not getting listed in the report.html files even though the Console output shows numerous entries of "Collecting header files for ...". I am utilizing the -module parameter. What could be causing this issue? Thanks.


  • Andrey Madan
    Andrey Madan Posts: 388 ✭✭✭

    @chelden : It looks like you are running from a command line. are you using bdf?

  • jvilcu13
    jvilcu13 Posts: 12

    I can relate to this use case situation, where neither the <report.*> or the would list any details in particular to the headers under analysis scope. CLI, using the "-module" option, regardless you [A] trace+analyze the build or [B] invoke the corresponding pre-generated "cpptestscan.bdf"

  • chelden
    chelden Posts: 4

    @Andrey Madan , @jvilcu13 : I am running from the command line. First, I am compiling with cpptestscan to create *.bdf files. Then, after compile completed, I'm calling cpptestcli specifying modules and *.bdf files (among other parameters) using "-module" and "-input". Thanks.