Parasoft Virtualization from record traffic file created from proxy

Hi All,
I have created virtual asset using a traffic file which is created by recording proxy.
Then i give the virtual asset end point in Soatest to check if it's coming from virtual asset or not. and it's working fine..
But issue is if i change some field or value in traffic file for some responses. that particular response is not displayed in soatest after pointing VA end point.

please help on the same... if you need any other details please let me know.


  • You are editing the traffic file directly? Have you tired updating the values in the responder in the pva?

  • Nihar1991Nihar1991 Posts: 23

    yes m editing directly from traffic file. if i update response in responder for single responcse then it's working fine.. but the same is not working for recorded traffic where multiple responses are captured..

  • I would recommend not editing the traffic since errors in it will lead to what you saw: the entire message being excluded when the pva is created.

    When you say it doesn't work for multiple responses what do you mean? Could you upload a pva or a screenshot of the responder you can't edit to set a new value?

  • Nihar1991Nihar1991 Posts: 23

    Hi william,

    thanks for the response. i have attached the document with screenshot. please check.

  • I took a look and the attached document and the screenshots. It sounds like after you create the pva you are able to hit the virtual asset. After that I think there is some confusion. It sounds like you expect that editing the traffic file with change the response sent from the pva. This is not how it works, the traffic file is used during creation but once the pva is created all response values will come from the pva. If you edit the responders in the pva I would expect that your new values would be return.

    Please let me know if I misunderstood or if something doesn't make sense, thanks!

  • Nihar1991Nihar1991 Posts: 23

    Hi William,

    Thanks for your valuable reply.. now i got it.
    actually i am expecting response after editing in traffic file.
    thanks again for clearing my doubts.

  • Happy to help!

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