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Hi everybody,
I want to know how can I implement following scenario in SOATest:

I create a ".tst" (test suit) file and I parametize it's input and add an Assertor to it. when I referenced to it in another ".tst" file, I need to pass values to it's input and modify it's Assertor but I can't change any thing.

with this solution I can create a lot of modules and reuse them without creating duplication, but SOATest doesn't allow I change modules (referenced tests). how can I do this.

Please assist me.



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    By design you can not modify a referenced test, and that will cause a lot of headache for you in other tests that are using the referenced test.
    You can absolutely pass any parameterized value from main test or test suite to referenced test by adding test suite, environment variable or data source. Make sure in main test to use the same variable name that you use in any referenced test.

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    There's a nice section of the SOAtest tutorial about how to set things up. See Creating Reusable (Modular) Test Suites.

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    Thank you benken, you are best supporter
    That was exactly my answer.
    Thanks alot.

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