Databank attached to browser testing tool causes "No data source column named" error

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When performing an extraction after a browser test and using that extraction to define the element in the very next test, an error stating "No data source column named..." is thrown. This article explains how to avoid this scenario.
Take a look at this setup:

User-added image

In this scenario, Test 1 uses a Browser Data Bank to extract to the column "dscol".

The element locator in Test 2 is set up like this:

Note that "dscol" is used here as well.

When this test is run, we receive the error "No Data Source column named dscol". This is because there is a "Wait for element for next user action" wait condition in Test 1. The element for the next user action is dependent on the browser data bank attached to Test 1, but the browser data bank can't run until the wait condition is completed! As a result, we see our error.

Luckily, there are two fixes for this:
Remove the "Wait for element for next user action" wait condition in Test 1
Add a browser testing tool with a trivial wait as follows
Right click on the test suite
Go to Add new > Test > Browser Testing Tool and click Finish
In the User Action tab of the newly created test, choose Wait from the Action dropdown and type 100 in the Milliseconds field
Move the Wait 100 milliseconds test directly after Test 1
The test should now run as expected.

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