Project Folder Not Showing up in Workspace

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Project Folder Not Showing up in Workspace


One day you open up your Workspace and either one or multiple Project folders you have been working on are not showing up in the Test Case Explorer of SOAtest or the Virtual Asset Explorer of Virtualize.

This behavior usually occurs when the .project file inside of your Project Folder has been deleted, corrupted, or the name of your Project Folder was changed, but that information didn't update with either the Workspace or .project file. This causes your Workspace to not recognize your Project Folder as a project that belongs to the Workspace and as such it doesn't show up in the Test Case Explorer or Virtual Asset Explorer.

This behavior can also occur when a Project has been imported into the workspace and is then moved to a different file location because of this I recommend copying the Project inside of the Workspace before importing.


The solution is quite simple, delete any previous connections your Workspace may still have to your Project and then create a new Project with the same name as the old project. This will recreate the .project file in the Project Folder and recreate the Projects connection with the Workspace.

Deleting Any Previous Connections with Workspace:

If you attempted to re-import the Project without deleting its previous connections to the Workspace then you very likely ran into a similar message to the above.

To delete this connect all you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Navigator tab in SOAtest/Virtualize
  2. In the Navigator, Right Click and delete each of the Projects that aren't showing up in the Test Case Explorer

Now the Project's connection to the Workspace is severed, so we can create a new Project with the same name.

Creating the Project:

  1. Right Click inside of the Navigator and select New > Project...

  2. Expand the SOAtest folder and select Empty Project

  3. Name the new Project folder the same as the Project you are attempting to reconnect

  4. Go to the Test Case Explorer and it should now contain the Project you created and because the original Project was inside of the Workspace it will have recreated the .project file inside that Project and reconnected it with the Workspace. The Project should contain all of its original tst's plus a tst created when you create a new Empty Project.

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