Extension Tool not showing script methods or errors

UrsUrs Posts: 13

hi guys,

I changed a couple scripts in my scenario.

Now when I open an extension tool it doesn't show the methods in the jython script anymore.
'error message' and also the 'Evaluate' button do not show any error message.

is there an additional source for errors I could check to find what I did wrong?
pydev code analysis does not show anything either...

(SOAtest 9.10)



  • benken_parasoftbenken_parasoft Posts: 895 ✭✭✭

    This can happen if your script has no syntax errors and actually evaluates successfully. The Method drop down can be empty if there are no methods/functions in your script. It is possible to have a script with no methods defined. However, the Extension Tool requires invoking a method with zero, one or two arguments.

    Otherwise, if you are saying there are methods defined and you don't see any errors shown anywhere, then I can only think of a few other things to check. You can check for any error messages in the SOAtest Console view. You can also try checking the Error Log view. You could also contact Parasoft Support who might be able to help you identify or explain why you are seeing what you are seeing. If needed, Parasoft Support may ask you to create a Tech Support Archive which contains full debug logs from SOAtest.

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