Where does SOAtest show console output of a Jar?

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We are using a JAR by one of the dev teams to communicate with an external payment service provider.
The java code in the JAR includes some logging to console using simple 'System.out.println(...)' statements.

Why can I not see these Statements in the SOAtest console?
Which console do they go?

Is there a way to view these messages to analyse errors in usage of the jar? Sadly not every error throws an exception that can be caught in my jython code.

(SOAtest 9.10)



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    On Windows, the STDOUT/STDERR streams from the process are shown by starting soatest.exe with -consolelog. On other platforms, like Linux or Mac, you would see the output from same the terminal/bash prompt used to start the application. This includes any messages printed to java.lang.System.out or java.lang.System.err.

    In contrast, the SOAtest console view shows messages from calls to com.parasoft.api.Application.showMessage(String).

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    thank you

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