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Modify Classpath feature in CTP??

rahul157 Posts: 30

Do we have modify classpath feature available in CTP as it's available in SOAtest desktop version.


  • Ireneusz Szmigiel
    Ireneusz Szmigiel Posts: 223 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2017

    Hi rahul157

    both applications are using their own classpaths. If you add jar on classpath for SOAtest desktop, then is not available for CTP classpath.
    If you want to have the same jar/class in CTP and SOAtest you have to add it to both classpaths.
    In SOAtest you can use Parasoft>Preferences>System Properties settings ( or localsettings file in command line mode) to do it.
    In CTP you can create system_jars directory for each SOAtest server and then copy there jar.
    After refreshing classpath you should be able to access class/method from test scenario.

  • rahul157
    rahul157 Posts: 30

    ok that's fine about jar but what about classes?