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soatestcli unable to execute .tst that has selenium and dependent modules.

rahul157 Posts: 30
edited August 2017 in SOAtest

I have created one tst in soatest which invokes selenium and some other dependent jars.
If executing through SOAtest everything is working fine but if trying to execute through soatestcli getting errors saying "selenium apis and parasoft apis are missing or not found."

Note:I am invoking soatestcli thorugh remote pc via powershell.


  • Ramiro Martinez
    Ramiro Martinez Posts: 53 admin

    Hi Rahul157,

    If you run SOATestcli from the command line does the test pass?

    "C:\Program Files\Parasoft\SOAtest\9.9\soatestcli.exe" -data "C:\Users\rmartinez\parasoft\workspace\9.9a" -resource "\ProjectsOff\Calc5.tst" -config "user://Example Configuration"

    Below is a short list of the common arguments for the CLI command:

    Path_to_soatestcli="C:\Program Files\Parasoft\SOAtest\9.9\soatestcli.exe"

    "-data" arguments sets the workspace that soatestcli accesses:
    -data Path_to_workspace_directory

    "-resource" argument sets the project folder and .tst file that is run by soatestcli. The path is from the workspace to whichever folder or .tst you need to run within your workspace.
    See above for example
    -resource Path_to_TST_project_folder_from_workspace

    "-config" is the run configuration that is set. Example Configuration is the preset run configuration
    -config "user://Name_TestConfiguration"

    I am not an expert of powershell, but does Powershell start as a service?

    If it does, it is possible that "Allow service to interact with desktop" has not been enabled for the Powershell service, which means that Powershell cannot start the browsers.

    The following link is for Jenkins, but the steps would be the same: