To run a test multiple number of times depending on the count condition.

rohitmohiterohitmohite Posts: 5

I have a scenario in which I have 3-4 tests.I have used a global variable "count" at scenario level and initially I have set its value as 1. From the SOAP Response of the test I get the exact value of count which I need to set, for Ex: count = 16.
I have few more tests in the same scenario.
Now I want to run the complete scenario 16 times, i.e equal to count value.

I have an another condition as well;
While running the test 16 times I will be searching for a certain value in the response and if I encounter the required value in response I need to move out of the loop. Could anyone please help me over it.



  • OmarROmarR Posts: 214 admin

    Good morning rohitmohite,

    Have you tried configuring your test suite for test flow logic? Take a look at these options under TestSuite >Execution options >Test Flow Logic

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