cross join on data sources

bssvulnbssvuln Posts: 4

I get the fact that data sources operate based on row numbers but I would find it useful to define data on 2 data sources and operate on the cross join of them. For example
Data source 1

Data source 2

I would like to operate on
A1 B1
A1 B2
A1 B3
A2 B1
A3 B2
A3 B3

Is there any way to achieve this out of the box or programatically?


  • Ramiro MartinezRamiro Martinez Posts: 53 admin

    Hi Bssvuln,

    To modify the method with which SOATest iterates through the data souces navigate to your Test Suite:
    Execution Options>Test Relationships

    In this section there are two options for modifying the iteration of data sources.
    The first is Test Relationship. I suggest running your test with "Test run as group"

    The second is "Advanced Options" make certain that Multiple data source iteration is set to Permutation. This will allow the data sources to iterate individually.

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