Licensing: Unstable/changing Machine-ID

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Changes in the network environment may affect the interface that is used to compute your machine ID (used to identify your license) and result in machine ID instability. You can use the PARASOFT_SUPPORT_NET_INTERFACES environment variable to specify a stable interface and prevent the machine ID from floating.

  1. Set up the PARASOFT_SUPPORT_NET_INTERFACES environment variable.
  2. Set the variable value to a stable Ethernet network interface. Do not use virtual, temporary or loopback interfaces.
  • On Windows: Set the value to the MAC address of your network card. You can use the ipconfig -all command to obtain the address. Example:


  • On Linux: Set the value to one of the network interfaces from the "inet" or "inet6" family. For Example: You can use the ifconfig command to obtain the list of available interfaces. Example:


If the problem persists, you can obtain diagnostic information by setting up the environment variable PARASOFT_DEBUG_NET_INTERFACES and setting its value to true. This will print to the standard output the checking procedure that can be shared with technical support , as well as the interface that is used to compute your machine ID. The interface will be marked with the [SELECTED] prefix.


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