How Do You Create a VirtualAssets Project?

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I am trying to add a WSDL file for the first time to a project as shown in the "Create a virtual asset from a WSDL service description" video at and while they show how to add the WSDL file they don't show how to create the VirtualAssets project type that the WSDL file is added to. I have tried File -> New -> Project but even when I try searching for it using the wizard I can't find this project type.

How do you create a VirtualAssets Project?




  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 401 admin

    Hi Bright,

    I assume that you are looking at a video for how to create virtual assets since you are asking about the VirtualAssets project. That project appears by default for Parasoft Virtualize, but does not appear by default for Parasoft SOAtest. Since you are using SOAtest, you need to create a new project by going to File > New > Project > SOAtest > Empty Project as described in this video: Automatically-generate tests for the operations defined in a WSDL

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