SOATest: Use of datasource column names in the XPath editor

TestuserTestuser Posts: 41

I have the below JSON response where I need to assert the statusCode for a particular name and this name is getting fetched from the 'name' column in the excel sheet used as a datasource.

JSON response:
"clientTypeCode": "IP",
"statusCode": "PEND",
"statusName": "Pending Approval",
"id": 0,
"name": "test1"
"clientTypeCode": "IP",
"statusCode": "PEND",
"statusName": "Submitted",
"id": 0,
"name": "test2"
For this one when I used a JSON Assertor and added a Value Assertion for the statusCode element and using XPath changed the element to as below:
Clicked on Evaluate XPath and it showed the right status in the Result section.
But my question is-Is there a way I can change the above XPath query to use the column name ('name') from the excelsheet(datasource) instead of using 'test1'.
For ex something like as below:

Any help is much appreciated!


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  • TestuserTestuser Posts: 41

    Some more information:
    I've tried parameterizing the Xpath using the data source column but when I evaluate Xpath it shows "No nodes found". I am using SOATEST 9.9.

  • Thomas MooreThomas Moore Posts: 82 admin

    Additionally, the XPATH you are showing here in chat is malformed, as there is a singular ' after ${name} that might be causing your issue.

    Can you try using:

  • TestuserTestuser Posts: 41

    Thanks Thomas and jakubiak. Sorry for the missing single quote in my Xpath expression. I've used below Xpath and for all of them it says "No nodes found":
    So I ran this time and during runtime it did run fine. So looks like Evaluate button in Xpath editor doesn't show the right results always.

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