Increasing performance with the DTP Engine for Java

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For big projects and configurations that have enabled a great quantity of rules (corerules ~650 rules) or memory demanding global rules for the test run, we recommend increasing the Java Virtual Memory for the DTP Engine for Java.

According to the article, Java 8 has higher heap space usage use to removing PermGen space:
Java heap space impact: "Some miscellaneous data has been moved to the Java heap space"

You can adjust the memory allocation for the JVM process by modifying the value for "-Xmx" in the file "jtestcli.jvm" located in the directory "[INSTALL DIRECTORY]/etc/". Example:


g = Gigabyte
m = Megabyte


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    These steps can also be applied to the other DTP Engines. Just look in the installation directory for the directory "etc" and in there will be a file listed as "[DTP Engine]cli.jvm" and this is were you can set the Java Memory for other DTP Engines.

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