How to programmatically deploy a stub


I have an SoaTest with a stub simulator that I should deploy on Soa Server each time I want to run the Test.

So I want to know, is there any solution to automate the deployment of the stub on the Soa Server with a jython script or java class ?




  • Ramiro MartinezRamiro Martinez Posts: 51 admin

    Hi Oussamamorjane,

    There is no method for automatically deploying stubs with your test as stubs are not primary feature of SOATest.
    If you are looking automatic service virtualization then I would recommend Virtualize Community Edition:

    Once the VIrtualize server is started, any PVA file placeed in the VirtualAssets project folder will automatically be deployed, additionally the Virtualize Server has a REST API that would allow you to make calls to the Virtualize server that can make modifications to the deployed Virtual assets.

    Virtualize CE is free to use with no time limit. You would just need to register at :smile:

    There are videos for learning how to use Virtualize down below on the page.

    Best regards,

    Ramiro Martinez

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