Reference the project location in Extension Tool

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I would like to get the SOAtest Project Location in an Extension Tool so that I can reference this location to open a file on the system.



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    Hi Newbie17,

    In Jython, you can use the following to get the project location.

    It would be similar calls in Groovy with different syntax.

    '# <<< Jython >>>
    '# write the project location to the console

    from com.parasoft.api import *

    def WriteProjectLocation(input, context):
    project = context.getAbsolutePathFile(" ") # get the absolute path to the project folder
    projectLocation = project.getAbsolutePath()
    Application.showMessage("the Application.showMessage - projectLocation is " + str(projectLocation))

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    Thanks John Appeldorn! It works!

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