Removing DTP engine results from DTP

Please note this will only work with DTP Engines.

To delete data that has been published to DTP from a DTP Engine, you will need to you will need to use the "Build Administration - Statistics" Widget.

The result/reports from DTP Engine when published to DTP will be given a Build ID. The Build ID will uniquely identify the project. Each test that is ran will be normalized into that specific build. It is not possible to remove a specific test configuration run.
Within DTP Please add the "Build Administration - Statistics" Widget. You can navigate to this widget by the below screen shot.

Once the widget has been created the widget should look like the following.

If you click the widget itself you will navigate to the following page you will notice that this will list all the builds, that have been publish. By clicking the trash can icon you will delete the build. Deleting the build will remove the data permanently. Please be aware of what you are deleting, once the data has been deleted there is no recovery tool or undo.


  • Andrey MadanAndrey Madan Posts: 18

    Kevin, can you remove a project and all the data associated with it?

  • LavanyaLavanya Posts: 1

    Kevin, How to delete the data from DTP Server that are more than 10 days

  • JeehongMinJeehongMin Posts: 2

    Andrey, DTP allows you to delete data by builds. You can also remove a project, but only the project is removed, not all the data associated with it.

  • JeehongMinJeehongMin Posts: 2

    Lavanya, if you have admin privileges, you can delete a build older than 10 days through a DTP API call.

    For example, you can do it using curl:

    curl -u username:password -X "DELETE"

    The key is the force=true query parameter.
    Replace username:password, hostname, and buildId in the above URL.

    Remember, the older the build, the longer it may take, due to the relational nature of the data in DTP. This is why we limit to 10 days in the UI. You have to wait till curl responds with:

    {"message":"Build 'Project-2016-05-26' and all associated data has been deleted."}

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