Example of Executing SOAtest From CLI

soatestcli.exe -data \workspace -localsettings \localsettings -resource /ProjectName/TestFileName.tst -config "builtin://Demo Configuration"

Here is a brief breakdown about what the above command line options mean:
-data : the path to your SOAtest workspace
-localsettings: path of the file that contains needed config information (your license information, what features are enabled, the server to which you’d like to report results, etc.). You can create this file by exporting settings from SOAtest Desktop IDE. See the section called “Exporting GUI Preferences to a localsettings file” in the attached User Guide for details on how to do that.
-resource: the Project, tst file or test suite that you’d like to execute inside the specified workspace.
-config: the test configuration you’d like to use to execute the test (you can just use “Demo Configuration” like I have above if you don’t know what this is).

This is what it will look like from the console when executed correctly:

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