How to un-lock a workspace after a force-close

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Parasoft-Test based products (such as SOAtest, Jtest, or Virtualize) are shipped as Eclipse plugins. When Eclipse starts, it opens a workspace - locking it so that other Eclipse instances cannot use the same workspace at the same time. When Eclipse shuts down, this workspace is then un-locked.

When one of these products becomes unresponsive and must be force-closed (or killed in Linux), or the machine unexpectedly restarts, the workspace may not be un-locked on shutdown. When this happens, you will see an error when re-starting the application: "The specified workspace is in use".

Follow these steps:
Go to the workspace and open a folder called .metadata (note: on Linux, this is a hidden folder).
Find and delete a file called .lock
Try starting the application again - it should now open the workspace without issues.

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