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LoadTest - Missing data source

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No data sources available
I've created a Web Recording in SOAtest, and added a CSV data source for one of my input fields. The test runs in SOAtest and iterates through all rows of my data file. I've configured and validated the test. I want to run the test in Load Test. When I create a project in Load Test using my SOAtest .tst file, under Load Test Configuration / Profiles / Data Source Options, it says "No data sources available". I can't see any way to add a data source and it appears that my .tst file doesn't include any information about my data source. How can I get Load Test to recognize and read my data source file?


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    Hello bka,

    I'm assuming that you are encountering this issue because your load test is running either on a different machine or a slave machine. If you are running the load test on the master machine, Load Test will be able to find the data source based on where the .tst file is. However, if you are running it on a different machine, you will need to copy your test file and all associated data sources into the same directory structure as it was on the machine that it was made.

    Please let me know if this resolves your issue.
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    Hi James,

    My problem was a little simpler. I should have remembered that data sources can be created at the test suite, project, and global level. I needed to ensure I created the data under the .tst file (test suite) to ensure it was included in the .tst file I'm using inside Load Test.

    That solves that problem.