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"Could not create Java Virtual Machine" error upon launching SOAtest

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SOAtest is showing this error when I click on SOAtest icon
Hi (Parasoft) ,

I have problem in launching my SOAtest IDE , Whenever I click on the SOAtest icon on the desktop it shows an error pop up “Could not create the Java Virtual Machine” I know that this is because JVM consumption and I did try launching from command Line so it success (c:\>soatest.exe –J-Xms2048m –J-Xmx2048m).
But how/where do I set this option to launch the SOAtest from desktop icon, Since it is tough to launch every time by going to cmd line and launch . Please suggest me where do I set this JVM memory option .

And in installed directory of SOAtest I could able to see two EXE files, one is soatest.exe and another is eclipse.exe but if I launch either of these both are giving you the same IDE (i.e., soatest IDE) so here I just want to confirm that whether there is separate features among these two or both (soatest.exe and eclipse.exe) are same.



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    Hi Jagath,

    In order to give the SOAtest icon command line arguments you can right click on the icon, click properties, then make sure you are under the shortcut tab, and add the command line arguments in the "Target" field. It has to appear after the quotation marks.

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    Thanks a lot Jon , I have done the settings and it works fine.
    I highly appreciate the workarounds and support given by you .