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How to write to output file

I have an issue in writing the response to an external (Some new output) file. Test Script can be written using WriteFile. But I need to write the response of all test scripts means test suite to an output file.But WriteFile is not supported for Test suite and results in WriteFile will be only in XML format. How to store the results in Element view and how to write the results of test suite ? please suggest in this. IF you have sample project on this please attach the same.
Thanks in advance...


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    Hi Jagath,

    The WriteFile tool must be chained to a test with a response output, like SOAP messages. Since Test Suites do not produce output, it is not possible to chain the WriteFile tool to a Test Suite. If you don't want individual output files for each test inside your Test Suite, you may append the output from the tests onto the same file using the 'append' option in WriteFile. Just be sure to de-select the 'Override directory from input' option if you choose to follow my advice.

    I am currently not aware of a way to output the file as anything but XML. I will look into this and get back to you on this matter. If I may ask, why is it important for you to create external files of responses when performing tasks? If you are looking to perform validations, I suggest generating an HTML report after running a test suite. HTML reports contain traffic from failed tests and is a much better approach to automated testing. Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you in.

    Best Regards,
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    Hi Dwight,

    Thanks for the tip, I tried as you said it is useful.And also why I asked this because when are adding Global tools write file is present , but we cannot use it for whole test suite again. we need to add the each writefile for each test case and need to select the append option as you said. And also you talked about HTML reports please let me know how to use this option.
    Please attach the .tst file if you while replying.

    Thanks In Advance..

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    Hi Jagath,

    Glad the append option worked for you. For the HTML report, it's not possible for me to send a sample .tst with the report because this option is available on any test. To create an HTML report:

    (1) Run a test.
    (2) In the Example Configuration tab, on the upper right-hand corner, you can see a clipboard icon(there should be 4 icons, the one on the farthest left). Click on it to produce a wizard popup.
    (3) Click on the Preferences button, a new wizard popup should appear
    (4) Look for the Report format portion. If HTML isn't selected, click the drop-down menu of the Format and select HTML.
    (5) Click on the Apply button, then OK.
    (6) Click on OK, wait for a couple seconds and a report should be displayed.

    You can specify where the report is saved by defining the save path right in the same wizard as (6). You can also find more instructions at in our help guide at: SOAtest User's Guide > Test and Analysis Basics > Reviewing Results > Generating Reports. Let me know if you have any problems.