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Detailed report generations using command line
We are using the command line utility of soatest to execute the test suites, the result generated form the command line are not detailed , the report only describes the test suite but not the individual test cases that are part of the test suit.
Attached is the test report that we are getting. Below is the command line invokation

./soatestcli -data "/usr/local/tomcat/.soatest_linux/workspace" -config "user://Example Configuration" -resource "/SoaDemoLocal" -report "/usr/local/tomcat/.hudson/jobs/ExampleSOATestDemo/workspace/SoaDemoLocal/result"

Can someone help in getting the detailed report from command line ?

Thanks & Regards,


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    Hello Prashant,

    There are many different settings for reports in SOAtest. Each of these settings can be used to specify what is included in a report when it is generated.

    If you look under Help > Help Contents, you'll find a section under
    Parasoft Test User's Guide > Configuration > Configuring Reporting Settings
    that details each of these settings and how to enable and disable them.

    Specifically, I believe the option you're looking for is the "Only top-level test suites" option, which is enabled by default.
    If you disable this option, in the report, you should see a tree-like view of the individual tests in each .tst file.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions...

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