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Reporting questions

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Several report questions
Hi I have some reporting questions:

1) How can we automatically create a report with every run. Is very tedious to have do this manually by right clicking on the window.

2) How can I give the report a unique name. Username and timestamp will be ideal.

3) How can we make a test not show up in the report. Anytime a tool is added to a test suite it is considered a test. However many of these in out project are DB calls and method tools that aren't test. As a result the report shows over 100 tests ran when we actually ran about 20. Right now we are exploring the set-up and tear-down solution but we are wondering if there is a different way of doing this.

4) We would like to customize how the report looks and what it displays. We could do it from scratch using the raw xml but we would certainly appreciate if we could have a copy of your style file so we can make changes to it instead of reinventing the wheel.

Thanks for the help as usual.


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    You can achieve #1-3 using the SOAtest command-line feature. To find details on how to execute the command-line function, please refer to:
    or under Documentation > Test Management > SOAtest Command Line Interface

    For #4, please note that the css information is included in the report html. As such, you can alter the css information to display the report however you wish.