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Is it possible to change the default debugger from gdb to ddd?


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    Hello palessi

    To change the debugger used, or the command-line used to invoke the currently-selected debugger:

    1. Choose Project> Project Configurations.
    2. Open the Build Settings> Instrumentation Settings tab.
    3. In the Advanced Options area, click Add to add a new entry to the Advanced Options table, then add the custom command line to the Options cell. Use the format testrunner.debuggerCommandLine <COMMAND_LINE>.
    * For example, to use the xxgdb debugger, use
    testrunner.debuggerCommandLine /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm -e xxgdb -x %s &
    To use the ddd debugger, use
    testrunner.debuggerCommandLine ddd -x %s &
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