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Automatic Regression testing - data source iteration

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Automatic Regression testing
Hello All,

I am trying to execute the same test twice with a different endpoint value for each execution.

This also must be done automaticly via the command line.

How can I do this?

Thank for you're help


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    Hello Tommy,

    To use the same test and switch using different endpoints, you can create a data source and parameterize your endpoints.

    First off, create your data source with each of the different endpoint URLs. Once you have this set up, we can setup the endpoints.

    For the test(s) you want to test multiple endpoints, change the Endpoint radio button to Custom. You should be able to see a dropdown menu with Fixed currently selected (if you don't see this, click away from the test then back in so that the UI can refresh.) Change this value to Parameterize. You should now be able to call the column in which the different endpoint URLs are in. With each run, you will be able to see your results based on the different endpoints.


    Alex Escalante
    Professional Services - Support