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Is there a way to control the automatic generation of data for a field in a test case?
How exactly does the "Auto" option work?

I would like to randomize the end of a string example: user101, user205, user500 ... I don't want to list them manually in a table ...
Also, I have a field which I would like to auto generate, but it has to be 32 characters in length. Is this possible to control?

Thanks in advance


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    The Auto option will generate a random input based on the type of the input. For instance, an integer type would produce a random number and a string type would produce a random string. The Auto option is for generating simple random test input and cannot be configured to produce the inputs in your example.

    However, a script can be used to generate those examples. In the same drop-down box that has Auto, there should also be an option called Script. If you select this option, then you can use a script to generate the input. I've attached a test suite that has examples of scripts thats generate the examples you listed. The first script will generate random user000-user499 and the second script will generated a random 32 length string composed of alphanumeric characters. Let me know if you have questions.
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