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Is there a way to acquire a count of the individual tests in a specified directory (not test files or suites, but tests inside the suites)? This is for planning purposes so we can estimate effort required to update the tests based on infrastructure/architecture updates.



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    You can use command line options to run all the tests in a directory and make a html report of the results. The html report will have a column called Tests Run and the last row will be a total of all tests run.

    For example, if you did this in the SOAtest 4.5 installation directory:

    st -cmd -runtest -all .\examples\tests -reportHTML test.html

    then it would run all the *.tst files in that directory and test.html would have a total of all tests run.

    More details on command line options can be found in the User's Guide (click on Help menu->Documentation)
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