No Valid license - Linux

cagie77cagie77 Posts: 2

We are trying to call the license server which is on Windows server 2012 from an Ubuntu linux system. Does the license server need to be linux as well or are there any config settings on the license server to allow linux?

ERROR: Error: No valid license (MachineId: LINUX2-307da150)


  • OmarROmarR Posts: 214 admin

    Hello cagie77,

    Some licenses are OS specific. It may be that your license is only meant for a Windows machine. A universal license could handle both, Windows and Linux. Does your License work on other Linux machines? How about other Windows Machines?

    I recommend reaching out to [email protected] and asking what your specific license is eligible for :)

  • cagie77cagie77 Posts: 2

    Thanks OmarR, looks like the univeral license is what we needed. :)

  • JromeroJromero Posts: 28

    @cagie77 Yes a Universal license will get you up and running! As @OmarR recommend please contact our maintenance department

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